Who Are We ?

YesMobo.com is first of its kind Whatsapp Cost Per Click Marketing Platform for Advertisers & on the other hand YesMobo App is for anyone to install and start making money by just sharing our Ads on Whatsapp .

For App Users

Using YesMobo App anyone can earn money in Indian Rupee just by sharing our Advertisers Ads with their Friends & Relatives on Whatsapp. When you share our ADS with your friends and relatives on whatsapp and any one click’s on the AD you earn money.

All you need is

1) A Smart Phone

2) Internet Connection

3) Whatspp

4) YesMobo App

And you are ready to start making money from comfort of your home, office, collage or any where you go. The money you earn in any given month is directly deposited into your provided Bank Account on 10th of each month.

For Advertisers

Using YesMobo.com any Company, Individual or Marketing Agency can now reach Millions of Whatsapp Users in India. YesMobo.com is self manage platform, where in you only pay when someone clicks on your Ad and visit your website or app page.

When you create account with YesMobo.com you also get 100 FREE CREDITS using which you can instantly run your first Whatsapp Cost Per Click Ad.

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