Marketing Via Whatsapp

06 Nov 2017

If you are going to ask any one is it possible to market via Whatsapp? Answer you are going to get is NO. But now it is possible via Yes brings your first time in India self manage Whatsapp Cost Per Click marketing platform.

If you want to market your website/app/videos or anything on Whatsapp then simply create account on and get 100 credits FREE. Using free credits you can run your first Whatsapp Marketing campaign.

The beauty of the system is that YesMobo App users will share your Ad with their friends and relatives on Whatsapp and if any one clicks on the Ad and visit your website/app/videos then only you pay.  The best part is almost 100% people check their whatsapp messages instantly, and if your friend or relative shares something with you on whatsapp you will definitely check it.

So stay tuned we will be going live before end of December 2017.


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